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HiRel Systems LLC designs, manufactures and markets magnetics and power supply subassemblies to the medical, military, aerospace and industrial controls markets. Headquartered in Minnetonka, MN, the Company also operates two manufacturing facilities, in Duluth and Marshall, MN. HiRel Systems serves approximately 40 customers and has developed strong relationships with some of the most successful players in its end use markets including Guidant, Lockheed Martin, United Defense and Honeywell.

The Company is one of the largest manufacturers of high-reliability transformers and inductors for electronic circuits that are used in both signal and power supply applications in the medical, military and aerospace markets. These devices, commonly referred to as the "magnetics" in a circuit, are designed to transform the voltage and amperage characteristics of an input signal or power source to match the needs of the receiving devices.

HiRel's products range in size from less than an inch in diameter and an ounce in weight to several feet and hundreds of pounds. The Company designs most of its smaller products to be mounted on a printed circuit board along with integrated circuits and other electronic components. Prices range broadly from under a dollar to several thousand dollars for larger, custom designed products.

CHB's interest in Hirel Systems was sold in 2012.