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brandbase Holdings, Inc. is a holding company for six action sports oriented (snowboard, skateboard, surf) apparel and equipment brands. brandbase Holdings is headquartered in Broomfield, CO. Currently brandbase operates three snowboard brands: 1. Nomis, a Canadian producer of snowboard lifestyle apparel (hoodies, sweatshirts, t-shirts, and denim) marketing around Simon Chamberlain, a top Canadian snowboarder; 2. Technine, a maker of urban-image snowboards and snowboard bindings known for developing the industry standard Baltimore toe-strap binding technology; and 3. Alycium, a price point oriented apparel and equipment brand sold through big box sporting goods chains. In addition, brandbase has launched two skateboard footwear and equipment brands (Beloe and Myrtle) designed and marketed by Russ Pope, a legendary Southern California based skater and artist. Finally, brandbase will launch in the fall of 2008 a technical snowboard outwear brand called Sound, marketed around Mark Frank Montoya, on of the world's top snowboarders.

CHB’s interest in brandbase Holdings was sold in 2012.